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2011 Season- Alfa 147 GT-R Trophy



Tuesday 6th Dec 2011






The man/woman/both..  Takes the title in the final round of the season. Crowning him 2011 CHAMPION. Joining other legends such as Martin Brooks and Double world champion, Lee Bonner.


Its been an action packed season though with Futaba running most of the year with full weight, and still managing to keep out of trouble, but cause a lot of it.

hmmm  thats how to win then?

Three drivers trailing behind swapping places throughout the season but never really knocking him off the top spot.

BUT...... It all kicked off again between Mick and Martin. Mick getting his own back for being taken out at Birmingham, then Martin deliberately taking Mick out again. Mick's team radio:  "Hes done it again hes done it again....I'm gonna kill the twat."

With this new radio system drivers can communicate with each other during races. Mick and Martin just made GTR even more realistic they actually wanted to have a real fight....BRILLIANT GUYS...loving the realism your bringing to the racing. Listen to this Beauty.....

Mick:  Im gonna come round your house and knock those fucking glasses clean off your nose. 

Martin: The door is open mate the door is open.....




Well that brings us to a close to the 2011 season hope you all enjoyed it and see you all over the next few weeks. Were planning on taking birmingham out the calendar and putting in Monaco 2007.

God help the locals when us pikeys arrive. Also going to put some Non Championship Races in too (NCR).

Indianapolis 500 with champcars

Lemans 1hr race with Prototypes

Keep checking the site for news............

Final Standings:-


1st     Futaba       1               1             87

2nd     Lee            3              1             78

3rd    Martin      4              3             76

4th     Mick         2              4             75

5th     Ezz            0               1            62

6th     Jay           1                0            56

7th     Tony        2               1             55

8th     Sean        2               4            45

9th     Mr B        0               0              8

10th   John        0               0              8

11th    Andy       0               0              0


Friday 2nd Dec 2011

*****SHOW TIME*****

The loyal fans are back.....

Already Brands hatch is filling with the make shift homes for the weekend. So who's on everyone's lips? Well martin was seen on futaba's lips, but were not gonna mention that one. We all thought it, but had no evidence. They would have got away with it, if futaba hadnt said earlier on in the season that he never touches Mayonnaise.

Anyway.... Moving on...

Martin  still not took his helmet off since the last race knowing mick is hunting him down. Hold on here is mick now walking towards me. "Mick quick word for gtr news?"

Mick: Fuck off..

hmm  think he meant (For Coughs) and colds take lemsip. Should be an interesting race then. see you all Sunday.....


Wednesday 23 Nov 2011


****ZERO  TO HERO****


Team Hankook bosses are celebrating there hero Tony today, after a easy win at Birmingham.

"We always knew he was the man for the job, never doubted his ability." quoted Mr HANKOOK.  I asked errrrmm what about the night club incident last week though Mr Hancock, sorry Hankook.

He replied... "Well.. that's last week" (Tony walks by and gives Mr Hankook the birdie)

So... you and tony not seeing eye to eye then?  Mr  H laughed and said "He was just meaning YEAH  NUMBER 1..."

O...K..... So  the rest of the race then...

Well, Martin with his normal race form taking other drivers out on Lap 1. Knocking Mick out of the race and almost out of the championship. Pogo doing the same to Lee on lap 4 into turn 1. But Lee admits it his own fault that hes virtually out of the running for the title now. So Lee what happened?  "Well  dry track, forecast rain.. I started on slicks, the rain came on lap 5 so i banged down the pit lane straight away expecting it to only to get worse, but it actually only drizzled right through the race so was costing me 5 secs a lap.  game over for me now really. Roll on next year."

Charlie Whitting has been voiceing his opinion too about the poor race craft from certain drivers.

"Next year we are clamping down on this amateur driving from these so-called proffesional racers. I have turned a blind eye to the little inicidents weve had this season. and believe me there has been times when i wanted to grab the drivers by the throats and whip them, but we all know thats not tolerated in Motorsports. We all seen what happened to Max Mosley."



*ROUND 15 DEC 4TH 2011*

*****BRANDS HATCH*****



Friday 18th Nov 2011




Team HANKOOK Bosses are fuming with TONY BUANNONOAAONO......

Mr HANKOOK said "Tony thinks he can go chasing the women and drive for a top team.Well  he's proved himself wrong and made our team look crap. He's lucky its not a football league, because he'd be relegated for sure.

This came to light after he was spotted coming out of a club on the early hours of Sunday 13th, only a few hours before the  Castle Chicane race that he finished Last.



Monday 14th Nov 2011

****3rd TIME LUCKY****

Bloody lucky is what the other drivers are saying about Sean (DIenamic). Lucky he has no weight. But we will have to wait until next season to see if the new kid on the block is lucky or just a new Vettel....

So....Who's  been eliminated?


TONY      JAY        EZZ


Not looking good for Lee too,  11points behind Futaba now after a poor showing at Castle Chicane.

A steady 4th place in the next two rounds for Futaba should make him 2011 Champion. 


Remember Birmingham superprix last year when he took everyone out on the first corner?

Pleaasseeee Futaba,  take Mick and Martin with ya.

So thats where were heading off too next


            20th Nov 2011

Weights:-  Futaba     100kg

                  Mick          85kg

                  Martin        70kg

                  Lee            55kg

                  Ezz            40kg


Monday 7th Nov 2011

******ON A ROLL******

Sean outdone by Lee for pole position, but only by 0.032. But no one had got an answer to the new kid. From start to finish he was out on his own, But he wasnt the only one on a roll.  Mick rolled on lap 3. then Lee had a go at rolling it. Then Futaba had a go on the roof too. But Mick, not wanting to be outdone, rolled it again putting him out the race. Martin getting a stop/go just managed to come out the pits infront of Lee to keep 2nd place. Its coming to the ellimination phase now.

No matter where these guys finish, if Futaba scores 1 point Jay will be out. Futaba scores 3 points then Tony is out too. Futaba scores 7 points then Ezz joins Tony and Jay too.

Weights:-   Futaba       100kg

                   Lee               85kg

                   Martin          70kg

                   Mick             55kg

                   Ezz               40kg


 Results Round 12/15


Sean        1st

Martin     2nd

Lee          3rd  (pole)

Futaba    4th

Ezz          5th

Mick       DNF


Round 13 of 15

Castle Combe Chicane

13th Nov 2011


Monday 31st Oct 2011

*****New kid on the block*****

 Dont panic, its not another announcement of a boy band making a come back, but i know a few drivers would rather see that more than what they witnessed at Snetterton. He goes by the name of DIenamic, real name Sean. Hes the new kid on the block and made an impressive debut taking pole and a win giving him max points. Mean while, champ leader Futaba (stu) could only manage 6th, Nooo.....  dont laugh its not funny. Mick gradually getting closer now as only 4 races remain. Martin however reckons he will be out for the rest of the season HAHAHAH  There is a god.....due to Engine management problems.  (pc knackered). There has been a race scheduled to take place on a certain sunday cant remember which one but it clashes with the Brazilian F1. So that race will be rescheduled. Thruxton next though guys. See you all on Tuesday.


THRUXTON: Sunday 6th Nov

Weights:- Futaba=100kg

                  Mick    = 85kg

                  Lee       =70kg

                  Martin =55kg

                  Tony   =40kg

                  Ezz     =40kg


Wednesday 26th Oct 2011

*********Mick (Warnes)*********

You read it right, Mick Warns the rest of the pack the title is not over yet. Its hotting up now as we get closer to the end with only 55 points available.     Mick puts in yet another stunning drive to clinch two wins in a row, Ezz tries to put him under pressure but settles for 2nd place 3 laps from the end. Stu tries to hold Lee off for 3rd but  the end result was inevitable. Still the man from South hangs on to the top spot with a clear 10 points infront of Martin. The battle for second place split by only 2 points. Martin, Mick then Lee. all hanging on like the squirrel out of ICE AGE....  Pogo, looking good at the last few practice sessions, but still cant get it together when it matters. Surely were gonna see Pogo grab a race win before the season is over.

Race dates have been set now, to get the season finished before December. Click on EVENTS & CLASSES to see the dates. If you cant make any of them we will have a few dates we can move about to get it finished.



Monday 3rd Oct 2011

Wow has it really been 3 races since the last update. Well the man from down south STILL!!!  dominates with all the weight, somehow he manages to keep that car in the top 3. futaba, now a clear 9 points in the lead with Martin trailing, doesnt look like hes cracking one bit, quite the opposite. scoring 26 points to micks 24 points in the last 3 races.  But..... lets not forget the man from Whetstone....Yep Jay, he's definitely grabbed his POGO stick the last few races. Grabbing his first pole this weekend at Oulton park and going on to finish 2nd behind Mick, Mick quoted on the radio after the race "Brill  drive Jay....Brill drive..."  The week before at Mallory, Jay again was pushing Martin for 1st place only to run out of fuel at the end and miss the pits. Could have been two 2nd places in a row. Lets not forget to mention the school boy error from the double world Champion, Bonner.  forgeting to change his tyres for the race. No stop laughing...

Anyway.. 6 races to go, 66 points on the table, even Andy can still win matematically if he gets pole and win every race and everyone else crashes out.

Hmmm... good luck on that one Andy.

If stu keeps up the good work he can bag the championship before the last race. Never been done before.

WATCH  THIS SPACE..................................


Tuesday 16th July 2011


 *****  Goodwood winner *****  - Ezz


"Ezz"er good, "Ezz"er good.........he's eboneezer good........

The Maiden victory!, could this be the sign of things to come??.....the rest of the field were put in their place by an exceptional (although bluddy quiet drive by senior Ezz!).  After losing a few pounds in sweat the other drivers are requesting extra weight for the Banana man. The championship fight is hotting up! 


Monday 15th August 2011


Check out the new photo link and new "Zack Attack" Karting Vid on the video links


Wednesday 20th July 2011



Finally the race date has been set to take place on Sunday 24th July, after a long break for all the drivers through varied reasons. Ezz is looking quite handy at this track. He may be the one to watch for this race. Lee is just a sitting duck in this one, but plans on getting a podium. Mick has been telling the media he owns this track. Tony has just got back from the Battlefield he said it was just real BAD COMPANY..Martin and Stu will hopefully trip over each other. And a lucky bloke...His new wife has been showing her ring off too anyone who asks.. but most of us have seen her ring before... CONGRATUALTIONS JAY from all of us. But back to reality now mate. WHEEL TO WHEEL RACING IS BACK................


Tuesday 15th Mar 2011


CROFT Round 4 Race Date set:


**** TUESDAY 29th March ****



Sunday 20th Feb 2011


CADWELL Race Winner:


****** Senior Mick ******



Wednesday 16th Feb 2011


CADWELL Rd 3 Race Date set:


**** SUNDAY 20th Feb ****


Usual times for practice and 1 lap flyer!

Gentlemen.....start your engines....


Tuesday 8th Feb 2011


The 2010 WTCC Champ bags an easy win by a clear 15 secs. Put the car on Pole too, to give him maximum points for the round. With a damp track Lee chose the Intermediate's (dick head).... and guess where that put him.  Yep Last..So all to fight for then. Jay had a great start and was looking good until the inevitable happened. Andy not being outdone though was keeping consistent on the DNF's, by putting the Alfa on the roof on Graham hill bend. Eric and Lee battling for 4th place with Lee coming on top of that battle. Tony and Stu battling for 2nd, with Stu winning that one. So here's how they stand for Round 3.

Lee     100kg  15pts

Stu     100kg   15pts

Martin   85kg   14pts

Tony     85kg   14pts

Jay       70kg    8pts

Eric       55kg    6pts

John      40kg    4pts

Andy      0kg     0pts

Mick       0kg     0pts



*******NEXT RACE*******


********ROUND 3********

         No Date set for Cadwell

---- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----

    Next Race Sunday 6th FEB 2011 New Weight sytem implemented this season. The top 5 drivers in the

championship order will have weights


1st=100kg   Lee

2nd=85kg    Tony

3rd=70kg     Stu

4th=55kg     Jay

5th=40kg     John




The Alfa 147 GT-R TROPHY V.1 Mod. Can be downloaded from www.pilsbierbude. Extract straight into GTR2 Folder.


Choose a car and let me know which Number your having so we can update the RACERS profile.


Check in the RACERS link on this page to see what has already been picked. Click on the 2010 Champ on the right of this page, yeah the dick head, or the blog icon on the left and leave a message in the blog.


You will also need Teamspeak3 for this years racing - again follow the links on the right


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Friday 7th January 2011


So...All ready for another action packed season?

3 races deducted from the Calendar:-       Oulton Park, Rockingham, and Bedford.

Making it only 15 races this year so we can get some other events like the Indy 50, plus an hour Endurance race. Not sure of the venue yet or the cars but its gonna be fast as....

Unfortunately Mark has decided not to join us this year but i think he's bluffing, i mean come on what guy would hang up the race suit to watch Eastenders. Yeah ok the story line might be good but it aint gonna happen. There is a rumour he's got a new knitting pattern for Christmas so that may be it. So who knows, he may surprise us all and get it finshed intime with the racing mittens hes knitted. See you at the track Mark.......

     Practice 9th Jan 2011



Friday 14th January 2011

Next race Andersthorp Sunday 16/1/11

Practice from 20:00hrs

Qualifying from 21:00hrs

16 lap race 


 Here we go then Gents. Let battle commence. Its all reset on the weight situation for a brand new season of ALFA 147 GT TROPHY.......


Sunday 16th Jan 2011

Any Questions about this site or our racing click on the Orange blog icon above the RACERS link at the top of page.


Tuesday 18th Jan 2011

Round 1 Anderstorp South

It was all action as usual for the Italianracer crew. With Stu (Futaba) securing the first pole of the season.

Followed by Tony, Lee, Eric, Andy, Jay, Martin and John.

Only a couple of laps in though and we saw our first retirement of the season with the LG car of Andy Else, hitting the tyre wall on the pit straight. Ripping the front left wheel and front bumper clean off. He walked out of the car without a scratch but was still staggering, but that was down to the drink before the race, well it is a free club house to drivers. so what do you expect.

And as for Eric, he suffered a front tyre blowout during the race

With smoke billowing from the "rial" car. Martin not wanting to be out done had 2 front blowouts. Take a look at the Champ turned Chimp....(coughs)  Tosser..

But it was all down to team "FedEx" to show the drivers how to win races, with a brave move two laps from the end to take Stu. Only stu could try the same move a lap later and mess it up to let Tony through too. So thats how it finished 1st Lee, 2nd Tony, 3rd Stu. Good close race right to the end though.Roll on Brands Indy





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